Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Whether Nifty will wither 2016 ?

Whether Nifty will wither 2016 ?

It had been a rout from year start and yesterday Indian Nifty closing around 7300 which is 20 month low ! Yesterday night US Markets were down again but today morning India stock markets are showing some "green" ness in them ; Can this be taken ok ? By evening if the pull does not happen its great !

This would mean we are back to mid 2014 ie when we started with our great aspirations about our new government elected by people of the republic of India !

In between the analysts said Indian stock market 'de-coupled' (even my esteemed "The Hindu" carried such high end notions) from the international market ! I wonder if that is so !

And when China gets rout Indian stock market as well gets the beat along with Asian and European markets; So de-coupling in international can it be there ?

In this back drop where are we heading for NIFTY for 2016 ?

Coming February our Finance Minster to present budget ; Nearing that we can see some trend ups and downs and volatility ;

GST still hangs; Ram Mandir getting the heat slowly; Modi travels abroad to get more business to country tirelessly ;

Terrorism international aspect goes on.

You do not know which direction markets to head !

Astrologers say its going to be an year of chaos for countries.

The common man goes into rumble what is my fate !

What to see of NIFTY in year 2016?

Can we predict its to get back to 6000 around by year end if not very pessimistic to be below 6000 levels?

In the event of things to come we never know certainly what is certain but the days go on !

Cheers to the eternity of life
that moves us on despite
many things that span across
around all our lives -

that is life !


  1. Indian market is not an isolated one, but well be in limits of down fall and raise. We cannot expect wonders to follow on, but it is not worst. Nifty to go below 6000 is hasty conclusion. We must be watchful all the while and should not take it for granted.

    Terrorism is a universal feature and India is in a better position than before.

    The GST will be hanging b'cause of the foolish thinking of the opposition. Many inputs to flow in but the result is not bright as expected.

    A mixed financial year a head.
    Wish u all the best

  2. Having 350 above seats in parliament and still blamming opposition.Shame on you...no one can act for a longtime,All the games are over.It is the time to show the people's reaction. Let the market still fall below 6000...we are ready to buy stocks..everytime market is gaining,this is the time for the people of India. Let us enjoy !