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The Dream of Ibn Battuta ( alias Shamsaddin)

Abu Abdullah Muhammad of Tangier (Morocco) - Ibn Battuta alias Shamsaddin
The dream of Ibn Battuta
During my stay at Alexandria I had heard of the pious Sheikh al-Murshidi, who bestowed gifts miraculously created at his desire.
He lived in solitary retreat in a cell in the country where he was visited by princes and ministers.
Parties of men in all ranks of life used to come to him every day and he would supply them all with food.
Each one of them would desire to eat some flesh or fruit or sweetmeat at his cell, and to each he would give what he had suggested, though it was frequently out of season.
His fame was carried from mouth to mouth far and wide, and the Sultan too had visited him several times in his retreat.
I set out from Alexandria to seek this sheikh and passing through Damanhur came to Fawwa [Fua], a beautiful township, close by which, separated from it by a canal, lies the sheikh's cell.
The sheikh rose and embraced me, and calling for food invited me to eat. When the hour of the afternoon prayer arrived he set me in front as prayer-leader, and did the same on every occasion when we were together at the times of prayer during my stay.
When I wished to sleep he said to me “ Go up to the roof of the cell and sleep there ” (this was during the summer heats).
At the time of my visit to the Sheikh he had with him one of the sultan’s aides-de-camp, who had encamped with his troops just outside. So I said to the officer “ In the name of God, you can occupy sir” but he replied [quoting from the Koran] “ There is none of us but has an appointed place.” 
So I mounted to the roof and found there a straw mattress and a leather mat, a water vessel for ritual ablutions, a jar of water and a drinking-cup, and I lay down there to sleep.
That night, while I was sleeping on the roof of the cell, I dreamed that I was on the wing of a great bird which was flying with me towards Mecca, then to Yemen, then eastwards, and thereafter going towards the south, then flying far eastwards, and finally landing in a, dark and green country, where it left me. I was astonished at this dream and said to myself “ If the sheikh can interpret my dream for me, he is all that they say he is.”
Next morning, after all the other visitors had gone, he called me and when I had related my dream interpreted it to me saying:

“You will make the pilgrimage [to Mecca] and visit [the Tomb of the Prophet] and you will travel through Yemen, Iraq, the country of the Turks, and India.
You will stay there for a long time and meet there my brother Dilshad the Indian, who will rescue you from a danger into which you will fall.”
Then he gave me a travelling-provision of small cakes and money, and I bade him farewell and departed.
(From the Travels of Ibn Battuta
Year 1325-1354 A.D.)

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