Wednesday, July 1, 2015

గురు శుక్ర యుగళ గీతం !

గురు శుక్ర యుగళ గీతం !
Venus and Jupiter conjunction 

కర్టసీ : ఇండియా టుడే :

June 30 and July 1 will give us the finest conjunction of the year. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week will see Venus and Jupiter passing close to each other. The two celestial bodies are said to be coming so close that they will be just one-third of a degree apart from each other. Many people think of it as a rare incident but it's not. It happened last year in August and will happen again in October this year.
But there are few things that make this conjunction specifically rare. Read on to grab some facts on the two planets coming close:
1.  The coming close of the celestial bodies is called "Conjunctions".
2.  This conjunction is the second meet between the two planets.
       o   The first happened on August 18, 2014.
       o   The second will happen today (June 30) and tomorrow.
       o   The third conjunction will take place on October 26.
3.   This second series of conjunction is considered the best in 15 years.
4.   Venus will appear six times brighter than Jupiter.
5.   Venus is 56 million miles or 90 million Kilometres away from earth.
6.   Jupiter on the other hand is 550 million miles or 890 million Kilometres away from earth.
7.   The distance between the two is a lot but to the sky watchers it will give an optical illusion of the two planets being extremely close.
8.   Both the planets will separate and start to move away from each other after July 1.
9.   On July 18, the two planets will be welcoming crescent moon to form a group of three planets.



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